It's apparently a rare neurological disorder. Texas-native Lisa Alamia had surgery on her jaw, then came out of the procedure with a British accent. The surgery was to correct her overbite, but it also changed the way she talks. Listening to the video above, you'd think Lisa was born in England. It's really quite remarkable.

The condition is called foreign accent syndrome. There are about 100 people on record who have had this happen to them. Lisa says in an interview that at first her family figured she was just playing a game with them. She says she is asked frequently where she is from. When she answers with "Rosenberg", the next question is usually "What part of England is that in?".

Lisa was born in Texas, but her drawl has been completely replaced by the foreign accent syndrome. She says she first noticed herself saying the word "mum" instead of "mom". She also says that her daughters now laugh at the way she says tamales.

I used to be able to say it [tamale] like a real Hispanic girl. Now, I cannot.[/pullquotes]

A few other examples of this syndrome include a 94-year-old Chinese woman who came out of a coma speaking clean English but had forgotten how to speak Chinese. A couple of years prior to that, a British woman named Sarah Colwill woke up with a Chinese accent. Colwill was told the extremely rare condition would in fact be permanent and was incurable.