Ok, y'all. Someone has gone and upset the bees again and it ain't funny!

Well, someone may think it's funny but as a person who is allergic to bee stings, I can't stand seeing swarms attack the way they did in a neighborhood in Robinson, Texas.

News 10 reports they actually had to block off the roads in Robinson on Friday morning when hundreds of bees swarmed a truck. A local lawnmowing crew must have been looking for a pool or a pond to jump in like in the cartoons.

First responders on the scene saw three big ole lawnmowers which may have run over the hive of a professional beekeeper. Didn't the guy have a sign outside or something? "Beware of Bee Hive"...no? News 10 reports Alfonso Luna and his son had to be taken to the hospital after the attack. Luna told our news partners they mow in the area all the time but today they must have just gotten too close for comfort.

Robinson firefighters stopped traffic in the Retoma Park and Trinity Meadows area of town. By 10:15 things had calmed enough to open the intersection.

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