Mesa Vista Ranch is one of the most valuable properties in the world, and it's easy to see why, after you learn how many years T. Boone Pickens spent customizing his Texas ranch.

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In 1971, Pickens bought 2,900 acres of what was originally called the Reynolds Ranch. He went on to add 65,000-acres to the property, in addition to a 6,000-square-foot family home, 12,000-square-foot lake house, 33,000-square-foot lodge, chapel (where Pickens married his 5th wife), pub, airport with a 52,600-square foot concrete tarmac, golf course, and 11,000 square-foot dog kennel.

Even his childhood home was moved to the ranch from Oklahoma.

Not bad for a former paper boy!

How Much is Mesa Vista Ranch?

The property is listed at $170 million for the main house and grounds. The Mesa Vista Ranch comes complete with everything from bird dogs with their own giant custom commercial kennel to a waterfall. The main house and grounds include multiple structures, called the Lodge Compound, a set of buildings designed for entertaining or housing large groups.

If you're running a little short on cash and don't need as much space, you can always just purchase the Mesa Vista East Division, which is priced at $20,000,000.

Mesa Vista Dog Kennel

At one time, the founder of Dallas-based BP Capital had a total of 40 dogs in his world-class kennel in Roberts County, Texas, including 25 pointing dogs, 2 spaniels, and 13 Labrador retrievers.

The kennel also had a manager, along with multiple trainers and handlers. The dogs even wore molded rubber boots to protect them from sandburs and cactus on the ranch while hunting, according to Land Report.

According to the listing, the ranch's dog kennel is east of the Lodge complex, between the Lodge and the highway. Out of 11,000 square feet of usable kennel area, about 3,600 square feet is enclosed and air conditioned, with 40 chain-link dog pens. The kennel also has full office facilities with a veterinary lab, upper level storage, overhead crane, and bathroom.

The Listing for Mesa Vista Ranch

Mesa Vista Ranch is listed by Monte Lyons of Hall and Hall jointly with Chas S. Middleton and Son of Lubbock.

Pickens put the ranch up for sale in 2017, and passed away in September of 2019. Four months after his death, the asking price was dropped to $220 million, and now it has been reduced to $170 million.

Who Owns Mesa Vista Ranch?

Boone Pickens Management Trust owns Mesa Vista. Ranch trustees decided to lower the list price again to move the property, find a new owner, and close out Pickens’ estate.

This $170M Texas Ranch With 65,000 Acres Is a Dog Lover’s Dream Home

Mesa Vista, the 65,000-acre Panhandle ranch, which belonged to oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens until his death three years ago, has been up for sale since 2017. The list of mind-blowing amenities is long, but for the price it's quite a deal!

The property includes its own golf course, a chapel with a memory garden, an airport with a private apartment for the pilot, and a 40-unit kennel, complete with a bronze dog sculpture in front of the building. Pickens, who was an avid hunter and dog lover, told Land Report in 2015Back when I couldn’t afford one bird dog, I had two. When I couldn’t afford two, I had three.”

Let's take a look around this incredible piece of property, which was recently reduced from $250 to $170 million, and see what kind of luxuries you and your furry friends could enjoy!

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