Country and rap collaborations are not uncommon. Recently, there's been Jason Aldean and Ludacris, and Taylor Swift and B.o.B. Now, Luke Bryan is reportedly getting in on the fun and looking for his chance to enjoy the cross-pollination of genres.Rapper T-Pain, known for popularizing Auto-Tune, has revealed that he cut a song with Bryan, the newly-crowned ACM Entertainer of the Year.

The rapper also shared that he is working with Swift.

In a video interview, T-Pain was asked about the status of new music, to which he replied, "A lot of country music, which is weird. I got the first single on Luke Bryan's next album. Yeah, that's weird. I've been doing more stuff with Taylor Swift. I'm in Nashville a lot. I've got a crib in Nashville."

So his physical proximity to country music certainly fosters these high profile collabs.

However, it's worth noting that Bryan's first single from his forthcoming fourth studio album is 'Crash My Party,' on which T-Pain is noticeably absent. So maybe the track that T-Pain spoke of was in consideration to be the single or maybe it'll be the second single. We're not quite sure at this point.

Still, we'd like to hear Bryan's Southern drawl against T-Pain's nasally raps. It's an interesting and unexpected pairing, to say the very least.

The Swift partnership isn't odd at all. She is known for her love of rap music and a previous team up with T-Pain.

Watch T-Pain Reveal Luke Bryan Collaboration