Big Q Tip

Big Q Tip - Overly Attached Girlfriend
Now that Paula Dean, and her unique brand of wisdom, has left us wanting, the search is on for a wise woman who dishes out the advice.  Here's my choice, just because I think she's very, very...crazy.  That's crazy hot!  The Big Q Tip, enjoy the Overly Attached Girlfrie…
Big Q Tip – Doughnut Pudding Cake Ball
Hey Der,
So each month work tries to have a lunch, and this month we tied it into a going away party.  Lasagna was the theme this month, and when I got to work, someone had also brought doughnuts.  I had an idea...
Big Q Tip – Don’t Over Reach
Hey gang,
A few years back I needed to get a new cell phone, so I went into the AT&T building and asked for something simple.  The store clerk, who looked like he spent a good portion of his teen years in a locker, asked me if I'd be interested in an I-Phone.  I made sure to look him in the eye a…
11/22/63 – Big Q Tip
Growing up, I always enjoyed reading.  I have to say that my taste never ran into the macabre.  Enter stage left, a beautiful girl.  Yes, I'm afflicted with the disease of doing what a nice pair of...eyes suggests that I do.
Big Q Tip – Spatula Tips – Spatula City
Hey Gang,
Time for a Big Q Tip.  Few weeks ago my spatula died.  It didn’t line up correctly in the drawer and, as I was “straightening it out”, in broke in two.  After burying it in the back yard and then telling the neighbors that it was vi…
Wedding Disasters - Big Q Tip
Hey Gang,
Wedding Season is fast approaching.  I've been to a few in my day, never as a Groom, (Praise Jesus), and never as a Bride (Thank God).  A few things I've noticed...The thing at the end; :You may kiss the Bride"; you really should keep that in mind.  KISS, keep it simple stupid.  The mo…

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