Big Q Tip

It's All Casual
Hey Gang,
Time again for the Big Q Tip.  I got to thinking yesterday, after I wrote about getting fired from the “real” job that I had.  The thing I hated the most was the dress code.
Have Baby, Lose Job. Christian Way?
Hey Gang, Big Q here to toss you a tip.  A few years back I got tired of the radio biz and decided to try my hand at a “real” job.  I actually dressed in nice clothes, combed my hair, and had shoes that needed to be shined.  It was god awful...
Thank You, Danke, Spasibo, Spasibi, Dyakooyu
Good-day Gang,
Big Q with a tip about society.  We start off with a question; How many times do we need to say thank you?
An old friend stopped by yesterday on her way to her new job in New York City.  NEW YORK CITY?! , and she asked me if I wanted any “Thank You” cards.
“Why the #*%# would I want “Tha…
Europe Horses Around Again
Hey Gang,
Big Q with a tip for you.
Let’s start with a story from Europe.  Ikea has pulled its balls on the shelves.  I love Europe, there so “open”, I mean pulling on your balls in public…it’s so Sweden.  I remember thi…
Subtle Wins
Hey Gang,
How did you enjoy the best award show you’ll see this year?  Wasn’t it great!  It’s combination of Rianna, and other boob jokes; over the top musical numbers, done with help of a “gay” choir; bringing in the “geeks” with a “Star Trek” moment; tying that in with the “routines” that were on t…
Fat Is Where It's At!
Hey Gang
Big Q Tip time once again.  It seems there are some women out there who are self conscience about their weight.  I realize that it’s hard to believe but it’s true.  Well here’s a tip.  If you want "no pressure" on your weight, then date a fat guy.  We don’t care.  Really.  Are you …
Feast on this Fest
Hey Gang,
Big Q back again.  Must be a weekday.  Just read a story about another music fest in Austin.  Must be a weekday.  This one was called Psych Fest.  Nope, not Psychics, psychedelic music fest.  Yea, people get high with music playing in the background.  If t…
You Lie We Die
Big Q Tip
Hey Gang,
Had a call over the weekend asking if I’m going to the big wedding in Minnesota this summer, alas no.  I still have a “blood clot” issue so stuffing my bulk into a plane seat, or in a car seat for many hours is a no-no.  B…

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