Earl Dibbles Jr

ICYMI: Granger Smith's TODAY Show Performance 'Backroad Song'
Staying busy is nothing new to Texas A&M alum, Granger Smith, but this is bordering on crazy - even for him.
Two weeks ago Granger landed his first Billboard No. 1 single, last week his new album "Remington" was released, this past weekend the American-Lovin' Granger embarked on his fir…
Earl Dibbles Jr. 'Dip 'Em & Pick 'Em' | Week 2
Earl Dibbles Jr. is back for his third season of "Dip 'Em & Pick 'Em." With his one-two-three punch of brutal honesty / unmatched country logic / blistering insight, Dibbles Jr., as seen on CBS Sports, has taken the college football world by storm.

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