Father's Day

TV's Influential Dads
Growing up in front of the boob tube means I spent a lot of time watching TV dads in action.  As a matter of fact, with my dad in the Air Force & deployed as much as he was, it's safe to say some of those TV dads influenced my parenting.
Funny Texts From Dads for Father’s Day
Good ol' dad. You wouldn't exist if not for him. But that's not all that makes dads great. Let's not forget their penchant for terrible jokes. Combine that with technology, and you've got some text treasures on your hands. Here's just a smattering of ridiculous dad text…
Advice For Grads?
I know exactly why I can't understand what both my sons are going through right now.  I never went to the same school for more than two years in all the years of my matriculation.  That's not the case for Tyler and Logan.