New CenTex Millionaire
There's a new millionaire in Central Texas! "B." of Robinson recently claimed a winning lottery ticket worth $2.5 million.
How Texans Would Spend Their Powerball Jackpot
The latest Powerball Jackpot winner took home $487 million on July 30 with the winning ticket being sold in New Hampshire. So that means the number has been reset and the next drawing (on Wednesday) will be for a jackpot amount of roughly $67 million...
Four Texans Win Tickets Worth $1M
The record-setting $1.6 billion Powerball fiasco finally came to an end last night when three different states each sold a winning ticket - California, Florida and Tennessee. They will split the massive jackpot three ways, which was originally a $40 million jackpot on November 7, 2015...
Beyond Stupid
An Alabama man is in jail after stealing a lottery ticket dispenser, than returning to the store he stole it from to cash a winning ticket.