Rowdy Happens

Fruits That Fight Cancer
For those of you that love your fresh fruits and vegetables, it turns out that there are a few that can actually impact cancer cells.
Twerking Dogs
With this recent phenomenon of twerking and my continuing effort to educate the public as to what exactly 'twerking' is, I have found another amazing example.  Miley Cyrus can take a few lessons from these two dogs!  If you missed the last article where Dani Morgan explained exac…
Rowdy Helping Fix a Transmitter and "Meltin' Stuff"
Made another trip to the US105 transmitter today to finish fixing it and put it back up to 100% power (YAY!) and FINALLY got to bust out the acetylene torch and melt some stuff.  In my rush to get to the transmitter the fastest thing I could grab that I thought would make for a good meltin&apos…
Getting Ready For 2013 Temple High School Football
It's that time of year that high school students around Central Texas are getting ready to start strapping on shoulder pads and snapping on their helmets.  Football season is upon us and for Temple High School it kicks off this Friday on KTEM-AM 1400.
Bad Beat Poker Face
Pride is a fickle fickle beast.  I saw this on the internet today and it really got me thinking.  This guy takes a horrible beat in this hand of poker.
My First Year as a Father
In honor of Addyson's (The Beast) first birthday I put together a little video of some pictures of her from when she was born to her first birthday party.  It turned out pretty cool.  If you are interested check it out and its amazing to see her progress...

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