Trial and Error

Christmas Fun With the Garrett Family
It's something about the holidays that cranks up the level of emotion in everyone to 11.  Happy people become jolly.  Angry people become miserable.  Teenagers become... well, teenager is as bad a term as I can think of there.
Another Fashion Mishap for Jamie Garrett
As a parent I'm constantly sending my two boys back to the bedroom to try again on their daily fashion choices.  It's a constant struggle that forces me to say, "Do as I say, not as I do", every time I leave the house looking like I dressed in the dark.
Trial and Error Looks at Problem Solving as a Parent
There's nothing like walking into a house on a hot day only to find out it's hotter inside than outside.  That's what I was faced with Tuesday afternoon as I got home.  The A/C was set to 78, but it was 87 in the house.  This edition of Trial & Error looks at ma…

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