US105 at Schoepf’s Concert Series

Ronnie Schoepf on Jason Boland
Ronnie was at the Radio Station this morning to cut a commercial and I took the chance to visit him about who was performing tomorrow night at Schoepf's BBQ.  For those of you that don't know, Jason Boland is performing and the Crooks are opening for him...
Show Cancelled
Tonight's US105 at Schoepf’s Concert Series has been cancelled, due to severe weather that hit Belton and Temple earlier today.
Check Out 7 Years Today
Tomorrow night is the night! The Schoepf’s BBQ Texas Music Series continues with Whiskey Myers headlining the big show, but the band 7 Years Today will also be playing the Schoepf’s Backyard Stage.
Whiskey Myers in Belton
If you are not familiar with the band Whiskey Myers, they are a music group from Tyler, Texas composed of Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Jeff Hogg and Gary Brown.
Roger Creager Survives a Brutal Shark Attack (VIDEO)
Schoepf's Texas Music Series artist Roger Creager was fishing offshore in 2010 and landed a 6 foot bullshark...and it almost bit his face off! It was all caught on video and thanks to the magic of You Tube, we can all relive this spine-chilling, near death experience...
A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Roger Creager
If you are a fan of the Texas Music Scene, you are most likely a fan of Roger Creager. Roger has been a staple on the music scene since the release of his first album in 1998 thanks to his energetic live show and cult following of dedicated fans, but here are a few interesting Roger tidbits that you…

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