YouTube HQ Shooting
Reports of an active shooter on the campus of YouTube's San Bruno, California headquarters were circulating on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, as employees described hearing gunshots and seeing colleagues being evacuated.
Lemon Juice &Cocoa Challenge
Today the Killeen/Temple Townsquare Team took on the food challenge of the Lemon Juice and Cocoa mixture!  Some were more bothered by it than others...  I have exclusive rights to the backstage candid photos and the gag reel!  In an effort to show how amazing the people that work with…
Can You Spot Yourself?
In the latest installment of great experiences that have come my way, I found myself out at Johnny's Outback for the first concert of the Lone Star Music Series.  I brought the beautiful Wife and my 3 year old Daughter that I affectionately call 'The Beast'...

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