It's all true! Las Casas White Wings live on at Clem Mikeska's!

Monday was the first day for White Wings at Clem Mikeska's in Temple. Not just any White Wings, official Las Casas White Wings! The photo above is right off the menu.

It was crazy fast the way the Las Casas restaurant was leveled from its former location along General Bruce in Temple. It's pretty awesome that this tasty treat ended up just up the road at Clem's.

When we blogged about the closing so many people wanted to know if their White Wings would somehow be available elsewhere. It seemed they may be able to try to open up a smaller location focused on take-out. Instead, Las Casas partnered with Clem's to offer this central Texas favorite in Temple and Belton. Come and get it!

If you loved White Wings at Las Casas, check em out at Clem Mikeska's and let us know if you think its just as good as the ones you used to get.

TSM/ A. Savage
TSM/ A. Savage

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