Want to be instantly transported to summer and the life of 22-year-old? Taylor Swift's '22' video is your mode of transportation.

The clip was shot in sunny, beautiful Malibu, with Swift revealing in the intro that "it was super fun because my friends in the video are also my real life best friends." Nothing like spending a day doing fun, silly stuff with your BFFs. Who needs a boyfriend when you have good girlfriends?

In the video, the ladies act out of much of the lyrics, dressing like hipsters with nerdy glasses and chowing down on food. '22' was shot in an Instagram-like tint, as if iPhone photos are coming to life.

The ladies run around on the beach as the sun is going down, pose on rocks, lay on top of each other, dance like no one is watching and love life like they've never had their hearts broken. That's certainly something Swift knows plenty about -- but it's not keeping her down. She has pools to dive into, as she does at the end of this video.

Though she's since turned 23, this video captures the energy of being 22 -- when you are not that far removed from being a teenager yet aren't quite ready to settle down with the mortgages and marriages that define adulthood.

So why not dance, jump on trampolines, splash around in a pool, wear red heart-shaped glasses and do each other's makeup while you are still young, beautiful, happy and full of optimism? The '22' video reminds you to live a 'Carpe Diem' life when you are still in your youth.