Taylor Swift shared recently that the songwriting process for her next record has already begun infiltrating her every thought, which also has her reminiscing about her three previous albums and what they resemble in her life. 

While to outsiders, Swift's albums may simply be albums, all devoted Swifties know that each record has a specific theme and feel. "I think, for me, different albums represent different chapters of my life," Swift explains (quote via Big Machine Label Group).

She started down the path of reminiscence with 'Fearless,' saying, "'Fearless' represents the breakthrough and all the discovery of, ‘Wow. There’s a big, wide world of music and I’ve just been thrown into it and I’m excited, and I’m scared.’ We had incredible luck at the Grammys with that album."

When 'Speak Now' was released in 2010, the songstress says that she was trying to prove herself. So, how does a Grammy-winning singer prove herself? "I wanted to write a record by myself to prove that I could do it," Swift spills. '"To prove to myself that I could do it. So it was -- in my mind it was a little bit lyrically dark and it was something that I’m always gonna be really proud of."

And, with Swift's latest album, the 2012 chart-topper 'Red,' she went a different route entirely. "With 'Red,' I wanted to learn. I wanted to take my comfort zone, which at that point was writing songs alone, and I wanted to throw myself into a different realm, where I was out of my comfort zone," she says, opening up. "So I called up all these people I’m a fan of; producers, writers, artists, and just said, 'I want you to be in on making this record with me. I want your influence.' So, I’d say it was me expanding and learning and taking risks I’d never taken before.”

Her risks definitely paid off, as 'Red' was the only triple Platinum album release of 2012.

Swift has mentioned that she doesn't ever want to repeat herself musically. So far, her track record maintains that she's pretty original -- and with that in mind, we can't wait to see what her next album entails!