Taylor Swift is proving there is nothing she can't do. The singer has just broken a touring record in China! Find out what she did and how. Trust us -- it's a whopper.

T. Swizzle, who is America's musical sweetheart, needed just one minute -- 60 whole seconds -- to sell out her show in Shanghai. It was the fastest sell-out in China's history, moving 18,000 tickets in just a minute, according to a report published by the NME.

Clearly, the Chinese Swifties love them some Taylor Swift and her music is the universal language that connects her on a global level.

Seriously, take a few seconds to think about the stats. To sell nearly 20,000 tickets in just a minute? That blows our minds. It doesn't seem quite fathomable to us. But this is T. Swiz and she is the poet laureate of today's youth.

The pop-country crossover queen is booked to perform at the Mercedez-Benz arena on May 30, and it's the first of seven shows slated for the Asian leg of her Red Tour.

Swift should be used to these sorts of accolades and record-setting moments. In 2013, she broke a record for the most sold-out shows at the Staples Center in L.A., having filled 11 nights at the venue in her career.

Swift's Red Tour has been one of her most successful sojourns. She is also continuing to focus on the future, working on the follow up to 2012's 'Red' album.

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