Die Hard Taylor swift fans are once again trying to protect their Idol.   The  Swifties are going after Bad Kids Clothing which is selling a T-shirt listing Taylor's boyfriends.  Taylor's name isn't on the shirt. Just the guys.    See for yourself.


Last month some TAYLOR SWIFT fans convinced Abercrombie & Fitch to stop selling a T-shirt that made fun of her going from boyfriend to boyfriend.

The Swifties tried the same thing with Bad Kids, and it worked at first.

A spokesman said, quote, "So I took down the picture . . . I don't really care . . . and they kept going.  It got worse and worse."

The company says it started getting death threats and so they put the shirt back up and added more colors.   The only change they made was removing Cory  Monteith's name from the original design, after his death last weekend.

The company also says it will turn in those who issue threats. "We will deal with the death threats and incredible slander from here on out, when necessary, with proper authorities as it is never acceptable to threaten anyone's life."

Now that they have all this free publicity let's see how many T-shirts they actually sell.