There is nothing that Taylor Swift can't do. The much-decorated, country-pop crossover queen writes hit songs. She acts. She has her own branded line of sneakers. She makes perfumes. She collects awards across all fields. And now, the 'Red' singer was honored with the Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award at the 41st Annual Fragrance Foundation Awards, which were held in NYC on June 12.

Swift has scooped up so many music industry awards and honors over the years that she likely has a wing of one of her houses dedicated to storing the trophies. Now, she can clear some space to make room for this particular award, in addition to being satisfied with the knowledge that even the beauty industry respects her work and her efforts on its behalf.

Swift was recognized for her ongoing support of the scent industry and she was commended for promoting the sweet-smelling world of fragrance through her accessibility and her genuine connection with her fans. And if there is one thing that is certain about Taylor Swift, it's her deep, direct relationship with her fans.

Her debut scent, 2011's Wonderstruck, was the top-selling celeb scent of that year. She followed up with Wonderstruck Enchanted and is about to launch Taylor by Taylor Swift later this month. Her latest fragrance endeavor marks the first time she has ever named a perfume after herself.

"My first fragrance, Wonderstruck, it was all about a day dream, a fantasy, this romantic ideal that we all have," Swift said upon accepting her award. "I love telling stories, I love starting at the beginning and adding things as you go. This is truly a nice page to add to that story."

Congrats to Taylor Swift on her latest achievement.