Forget that singing telegram she received this holiday season from her boyfriend, One Direction's Harry Styles. Taylor Swift has revealed that her best Christmas gift -- like, ever -- was from dear ol' dad.

Swift's father Scott tracked down the guitar that she learned to play on. The 'Begin Again' singer was 12 when she started playing the instrument. Her dad managed to locate the missing guitar, now a piece of Swift lore, and gave it to her as a surprise -- years later, of course.

"The (best gift I ever received was) guitar I learned to play on," the singer said. "It belonged to the guy who fixed my computer -- he taught me a few chords on it when I was 12. Years later, my dad tracked him down and bought it. It was such a touching gift."

Swift returned the favor with an equally as meaningful gift. She took her parents to a familiar place for a winter break.

She said, "I gave my family a surprise trip to the seashore town where my dad grew up. We spent a few days just exploring, walking on the wintry beach and spending time as a family."

In the Swift family, it's apparent that one good gift deserves another.

The 23-year-old star's fans should be thanking her dad for encouraging her to play guitar and to pursue music. Without his support, we might not have her in our lives, filling them with song.