Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes are only 24 and 22, respectively, but they're taking on the music world in a major way. Those efforts landed them on this year's Forbes' 30 Under 30 List.

The list is a tally of the brightest stars in 15 different fields under the age of 30, ranging from music to food. Both Swift and Hayes appear under the music category on Forbes' impressive list, which includes several other household names, including Lady Gaga.

This is Hayes' 30 Under 30 debut -- and is evidence of what kinds of amazing things can happen to your career when you tour with superstar Carrie Underwood and nab three Grammy nominations. The young singer and music prodigy has a bright future ahead, currently working on new material for his second studio album.

This is Swift's third time on 30 Under 30, and each year, it seems she just gets more impressive. The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer is still riding the success of  her latest album, 'Red,' which sold 1.2 million units its opening week. She also earned $55 million this year, with her tour, and a slew of endorsements including Diet Coke, Sony, and Covergirl.

Swift and Hayes have obviously worked very, very hard throughout their careers -- and they haven't even lived a quarter of a century. Things look very promising for both of these young talents -- and they still have several years to land on this list again!