The hopes of a collaboration between superstars Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez have been dashed, as the 'Everything Has Changed' hitmaker herself has shot down the rumor.

"That's the rumor," she told E! Online when asked about the possible Swift-Lopez project at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"We collaborated at Staples Center. She came out and sang 'Jenny From the Block' with me which was so much fun," Swift explains. "We haven't spoken further about collaborating but I did read that on the Internet, so that's nice to know that it's always accurate."

"I mean, for me, I love her, she's amazing," she continues, speaking of J-Lo. "She has my number, we text, but we haven't texted about going into the studio."

Maybe someday their text exchange will include ideas for a new song, but for now, it's just a rumor -- and nothing more.

Although we won't be hearing a project from Swift and J-Lo, we will be able to listen to Swift's new song 'Sweeter Than Fiction' in just over a month, when 'One Chance' hits theaters. And with the wheels turning on her next album release, there will be lots of new music from the 'Red' starlet in the future -- just not with 'Jenny From the Block.'