Seems like Ozzy Osbourne isn't the only member of the Osbourne clan who is enthralled with Taylor Swift. His daughter, Kelly, has jumped onto the Swift train as well. 

On Wednesday (Oct. 2), Swift, Osbourne and a friend had a girls-only baking night, and while the Black Sabbath singer lauded Swift for her superstar qualities, comparing her to Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, the younger Osbourne raved about her kitchen skills -- perhaps she's the next Rachel Ray?

Osbourne gushed via Instagram, "#GirlsNight baking with @taylorswift you guys have no idea how good Taylor is at cooking! #shocked@taylorswift13"

Their delicious evening consisted of chocolate peppermint cookies -- which sound pretty heavenly -- and Osbourne thought so too. "In homemade foodie heaven," she announced in the second picture.

Just to make sure everyone's mouths were watering, she gave a glimpse at the cookies, which look chocolatey, warm, and pretty much decadent, simply saying what any chocolate lover already knew, "Our home made chocolate peppermint cookies are amazing! @claire_winter @taylorswift"

There must have been an inside joke, as often happens when hanging out with gal pals. Osbourne said, "#NewGirlGroup we are #TheCulinaryPatienceTurtles@taylorswift @claire_winter," and we aren't quite sure what culinary patience turtles are. But, we do know a good cookie when we see one.

Swift is taking a bit of a rest before heading back out on her 2013 Red Tour -- this time, heading to Australia, and then on to London. Hopefully she'll have many more fun, relaxing days of baking and hanging out with friends before getting back to work -- she deserves it.