As InStyle's November 2013 cover girl, Taylor Swift revealed that she tends to go for bad boys. In the outtakes that weren't in the print feature, the singer revealed the last time she cried. And no, it wasn't over her high profile ex Harry Styles, either! As if.

T. Swizzle admitted that the last time she shed tears was during a commercial.

A commercial? Yes -- a very heartwarming TV ad.

"Have you ever seen that commercial for Dawn with the baby ducks with oil all over them from a spill, and they get baths using Dawn?," she asked. "And then they are set free? And they do the same thing with some otters. I cried hysterically!"

On the flip, the last time the singer was blissfully and unrepentantly happy was when she was paddle boarding with friends out in a harbor. "We were laying out on our boards and talking. It was a beautiful day," she recalled.

In the behind-the-scenes photo shoot footage, Swift talked about wearing lots of beautiful couture outfits, saying, "It's such a treat. In my daily life, I always try to go for a classic, vintage-y look, but it's not couture, you know."

She called the fashions in the spread "works of art." Swift can easily pull fancy fashion off, since she has a model's height and build, not to mention a model's beauty.

Regarding her signature red lip, she called it her "comfort zone" for the past few years.

"I think it is an easy way to make an outfit or a look pop," she said about her scarlet pout, pointing out that sometimes wearing just red lips makes it look like you are made up. She also admitted she loves how red transports you to the '50s and '60s.

Watch the video here.