Taylor Swift and her new bestie Lorde, who Swift has clearly taken under her wing, enjoyed a leisurely stroll on the beach in L.A. on Saturday (Feb. 22), further sparking rumors that the talented, Grammy-winning, female pair has fast-tracked that rumored collaboration.

Swift shared the snap on Instagram, writing: "Bare feet in the sand on a Saturday.." In the photo, she and Lorde look adorbs, enjoying the always-warm Cali weather. These ladies have the life, indeed.

But that's not all.

Later on, the 'Royals' singer with the wild mane of curls tweeted a musically-oriented message that certainly made us think that she and Swift were not just playing and frolicking in the sand on Saturday! They were also working, if the tweet is any indicator.

Below are the two pieces of evidence.

Here is the photo of their beachside fun! We love how effortless and sweet they both look while enjoying one another's company and the pleasant climate. Notice that they have dressed alike, as well. Black glasses? Check. Black bottoms? Check. Crisp shirts? Check!

And here is Lorde's tweet, which really makes us think that the collabo is totally happening. Is that chorus that hits one that she worked on with T. Swizzle? We hope so.