It looks as though Taylor Swift's millions of adoring fans are not the only ... uh, music lovers to flock to the radio when they hear one of her songs blasting from their speakers. Swift's kitten, Meredith, also perks her furry little ears in excitement when she hears her mommy's tunes radiating from the radio.

In a video posted on Twitter this week, Swift's young Scottish Fold kitten proves that even furry felines can have a good ear for music -- and that cats can fetch just as well as dogs, with the proper training and a patient owner.

Meredith, named after a lead character from the hit prime time drama series, 'Grey's Anatomy,' has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon since first being introduced to the world through Swift's Twitter account last year -- so much so that the four-legged celebrity was featured on E!’s 100 Best Things in Pop Culture list earlier this year. The network cited the kitten's readiness to retrieve items equally as cute as her sweet meows and dewy-eyed glances.

Sadly, Swift's quality bonding time at home with her feline friend will likely fall to the wayside considering the global superstar's already jam-packed 2013 itinerary. The superstar will continue to promote her latest album, 'Red,' leading into the new year, just before embarking on her headlining tour of the same name in March. The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer has shows scheduled through the end of September.