The stage is probably the only place you’ll find Taylor Swift partying, and that sentiment comes from the star herself. It seems she’d prefer attention only when there’s a guitar in her hand and she’s swinging her long blonde locks for the whole arena to see.

“I’m not a party girl. I love performing on stage, that’s where I can really come alive and get a bit wild, but in private I want to live more quietly," Swift reveals, according to She continues, “I want to live a good life, make good choices, and be good to the people I love and stay close to my friends.”

Perhaps the very public speculation on her romantic relationships -- including the recent possible demise with One Direction’s Harry Styles -- has intensified Swift's dedication to maintaining a private life. She recognizes with extreme clarity the ramifications of living her mistakes in the headlines and says, “Sometimes people tell me that I’m young and I should be going out more, having fun, making mistakes and being more selfish. The trouble is, if I mess up, there’ll be six months of headlines afterwards.”

The 23-year-old superstar seems to be fiercely committed to living her personal life in a way that she enjoys, despite the pressure she must face each day as the success of ‘Red’ continues to mount. Hopefully she can continue to live a quiet life with her close friends, family, and music… and stay away from all the guys she knew were trouble.