Taylor Swift had to enjoy the view from her crows-nest-style extendable stage a little longer than she may have liked on Monday night (July 13) when the set had some technical difficulties.

According to TMZ, the star got word from one of the crew members that the device had broken, but true to her professional nature, Swift didn’t panic.

“I’ll just be here forever, stuck up here,” she joked with a smile, “unless I choose to jump down.”

Fans cheered in encouragement as she continued on with the next song regardless.

“But in the meantime, I’m going to sing a song for you called ‘Clean,’ and I hope you'll sing along,” she concluded.

Swift handled the setback with grace and charm, something the singer-songwriter has become known for over the years. She recently made headlines when she prompted Apple to change their streaming policy in less than 24 hours with a cordial, but pointed, open letter she posted to her Tumblr page. After the decision was made to pay artists for the three month free trial available via Apple Music, Swift agreed to let 1989 be included in the streamable library.

Swift is on the 1989 world tour, taking many of her similarly famous friends along with her, who say it’s her "infectious personality" that draws people to her. "Everyone just wants to be around her at all times. She really brings out the best in everybody,” model Martha Hunt explains.

Though she’s working hard onstage in cities around the globe, Swift makes sure to infuse some down-time into her schedule, which includes hanging around at the pool with more of her celebrity posse. 1989 was the best-selling album of 2014 and continues to propel Swift further into superstardom with every single released. The tour continues through December.

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