Love it or hate it, Taylor Swift has a unique personal style. She has a knack for modernizing vintage, classic pieces and has crafted a look all her own. As part of her partnership with Keds, the '22' singer sat down with fashion stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi to discuss her fashion evolution and her "style epiphanies," to share some tips and to reveal how young girls can be confident in their own skin and clothes. She also confessed that she dresses like an Easter egg at times. Wait, what?

First off, Swift spoke of her "style epiphanies," confessing, "When I was 15, I realized I loved the idea of a sundress and cowboy boots and that's all I wore for like two years, and then, I just started loving the bohemian fairy-type look, with the flowery headband, so I dressed like how a fairy would dress for two years."

Nowadays, the singer dresses a little more "vintage-y," but no matter what she wears, she always walks with her head held high and with supreme confidence.

"It has a great deal to do with how you carry yourself, and how you carry yourself has a great deal to do with how you are perceived," she said about self-confidence.

Swift, who called her style "feminine, experimental and classic," continued, "If you walk in with shoulders back and you make a friend and you say 'hi' to people and you smile, that's not to say put on a mask and don't act how you feel. A great deal to do with confidence is acting confident, and then you might end up actually being confident at the end of the night."

Try it, ladies!

Her other tip for aspiring fashionistas? Try everything. "If you find a look that you see yourself going back to, that's your personal style," she said.

As for that Easter egg thing? Swift was talking about spring trends when she said, "I am obnoxious like this. I like to dress sort of like I am an Easter egg. I get excited about seasons changing. I went out and bought a salmon sweater with a mint-colored skirt and a lilac handband. I am self-aware about it, but I am obnoxious about the seasons changing."

Her vintage-inspired spring and summer looks influenced her Keds range, too. In the warm weather months, she is all about red lips, an oxford shirt, capri pants, vintage dresses and her Keds "go perfectly with all of those dresses and all of those looks, and it's perfect to just to kick around the beach or go out with your friends and you don't have to worry about not being comfortable."

There you have it -- all the tips you need to cultivate a personal style like T. Swift.

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