If you aren't already madly in love with Taylor Swift, you will be after you see this.

A while back, a user of social blogging site Tumblr posted an image of a young, pre-celebrity Taylor Swift, claiming it was a photo of a friend named Becky who died after "snorting marijuana at a party". When another user pointed out that the photo was clearly Taylor Swift, the original poster's only response was, "no its becky".

A screengrab of the exchange has been making the internet rounds and getting laughs from millions of users, and Swift is apparently one of them.

The 'Shake It Off' singer was spotted in New York Wednesday night sporting a mustard yellow t-shirt with "no its becky" printed across the front. It's an unmistakable sign that Taylor not only knows what's up online, but that she has a great sense of humor about it and wanted to do something special for her fans.

Check out the shirt and the bizarre Tumblr post that inspired it in the gallery below.

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