Last week, 18-year-old Alix Townsend of Lancashire, England was going on a trip to Mallorca, Spain.  Since she was going on a beach trip, she was wearing cutoff jean shorts. Very Short Shorts!  Alix was flying Monarch Airlines, but she was stopped at the gate.  The Monarch folks thought her shorts were TOO SHORT.  They said the shorts were, quote, "cut extremely high and her [butt] cheeks were visible."

They told Alix she had to change.   Alix claims Monarch wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom, she had to change right there at the gate, in front of everyone. She did so under a long dress into some longer shorts. Alix was then allowed to board the plane.

Alix,  a law student is thinking about filing a legal complaint against Monarch.

A spokesman from Monarch says they never told her she couldn't go to a bathroom to change.

Daily Mail