Killeen 15-year-old Anthony Rueles will not be returning to Gateway Middle School following an enforced one-day suspension after carrying an asthmatic classmate to the nurse's office. The teenager's mother, Mandy Cortes, decided to have her son home-schooled rather than return to Gateway. She is considering sending him to public school next academic year.

KISD Superintendent John Craft issued a statement last week, "applauding the efforts of students who act in good faith to assist others in need," but it wasn't enough for Cortes.

She has been frustrated with the school as Anthony has been working to overcome a learning disability and last week's event was the last straw.

"I was proud of him for the way he handled the situation," Cortes said.

Last Tuesday, Rueles sat in class next to a girl suffering from breathing problems. The teacher had emailed the school nurse and told the kids to sit and wait until the nurse would respond. Within three minutes, the girl suffering the attack fell out of her chair, which prompted Rueles to say an expletive and then carry her to the nurse's office. When he returned to the classroom, he was notified that he was suspended for leaving the classroom without permission.