Here's a story about a couple of teenagers who might as well just stay locked up after assaulting an elderly woman who gave them assistance along the side of the road outside of San Antonio.

On March 10th, the woman who was not named by CBSAustin, saw a couple of teenagers who appeared to have a flat tire along the side of the road in her neighborhood. She offered them a ride to a nearby Whataburger and had lunch with them. The three then returned to the disabled vehicle in the 6500-block of Chasethorn on the Northwest Side of the city.

Upon returning to the neighborhood the elderly woman realized her purse and wallet had disappeared. She asked the boys if she could check their car to see if she accidentally left it inside. That is when one of the men came up from behind and choked her until she gave up her car keys. The two men took off in her car.

Here is when Whataburger saves the day. The crooks didn't realize they had been recorded on the restaurant's video surveillance system. Detectives could easily see their clothing and "distinctive tattoos".

The stolen car was recovered the following day and 19-year-old Jose Carbajal as the driver. He was wearing the exact same hat as in the video. Surprisingly enough, once police started asking questions, Carajal confessed to the whole thing. He has now been charged with aggravated robbery. Police are still looking for the other person involved in the assault.

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