Brandon Black was arrested for shoplifting, resisting arrest, and providing false identification information to officers.

Black removed merchandise from a retail outlet on S. 31st Street without proper payment. He resisted the attempts of officers to arrest him for the theft, and provided false identification to the arresting officers. It was discovered that he had active arrest warrants at the time of the offense.

Other incidents include:

  • Marshall Boyle was arrested for driving while intoxicated after being involved in a minor collision
  • Ashley Allen was arrested for possession of Class C drug paraphernalia
  • Officers are investigating incidents of criminal mischief in connection with property damage on Bashaw Loop and W. Avenue Z
  • Officers are investigation an incident of family violence in which a suspect assaulted a family member, resulting in minor injuries
  • A juvenile runaway case is being investigated
  • Vincent Arredondo III was arrested for possession of marijuana