Temple ISD is expanding the wrestling program to middle school.

Temple High School has been dominating the mat with its dynamic wrestling program for close to three years. In just a short time, the team has managed to place in the post-season competition each year. This year 13 wrestlers have qualified for district competition for the 2021 season and will compete in Hutto April 3-8th. With 37 females and males on the team, this is just the beginning of the program. 

Deryl Clark, the head wrestling coach at Temple High School, has just received the go-ahead to start a local elementary school pilot program. According to KXXV, the pilot program will begin at Travis Middle School in 2017.

Starting the pilot program is a way to prepare the children who wish to wrestle when they get to high school. Temple ISD competes against programs that have been established for longer, and with the help of the pilot program, it'll give athletes experience before joining the high school team.

For more information and to stay in the loop as the pilot program develops follow Temple ISD on Facebook. 


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