It's another installment of the #BacktheBlueBonnet Challenge! It's Temple Police getting in on the action this time and they brought puppies!

Last week the Copperas Cove Police took donuts out into the Blue Bonnets.

Copperas Cove Police Department: Officer Bartlett and Officer Cortez

Now Temple police have combined the iconic Texas Blue Bonnet and the cuteness of puppies!

Yup, they paid a visit to Mama Dog Circle to bring some pups along for their photo shoot from the Temple Animal Shelter. If you look that's our old friend Officer Estrella who was chased by a bull through Wilson Park. Remember?

Police Departments all over the state are sharing their #BacktheBlueBonnet challenge. If you see additional photos from a town you know share them in the comments below on our page. We would love to see what other ideas our boys in blue have come up with.