Temple residents in the Windmill Farms subdivision are voicing frustration with the USPS just ahead of the holidays.

Our news partners at KWTX shared the video above detailing complaints from Temple residents about packages being delivered to the wrong address, and packages lost altogether.

Resident Ryan Moffenbier says 8 of his 10 packages got delivered to the wrong address recently. KWTX says the issues began when the regular mail carrier went on leave. Windmill Farms residents say that the replacement mail carriers are not making sure mail is being delivered correctly.

USPS specialist Sam Bolen released a statement saying "The Temple postmaster has been made aware of the issues and takes these customers' complaints very seriously. The postmaster has recently implemented some staffing changes for the carriers filling in during the regular carrier's absence that should resolve these customers' mail delivery concerns.”

Many residents have turned to Amazon lockers to ensure package delivery. For more info on the lockers located throughout central Texas check out the button below.

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