Happy 8th birthday to Buc-ee's in Temple, Texas! 8 years has a way of flying right past you. Feel like I have done just about nothing in the first 4 and 1/2 sets of 8 years on the planet, and they still were a blur.

Thankfully, there's been Buc-ee's here to make all your wildest dreams come true. How often do you go to Buc-ee's? I legitimately live off the exit of Loop 363 and I-35, so there's no way the store could be more convenient to my life. Pass it on the way to and from work 5 or more days per week.

Sometimes, just like having children, when you see something every day, you miss the little changes that happen. It is almost like the differences occur at a glacier's pace. Just when you think every day is exactly the same, you pull out your phone, and see the pictures.

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The story is always told in the pictures. Check out Buc-ee's on their 8th birthday. April 1, 2015-today, thank you for the memories!

One of Texas' biggest Buc-ee's just turned 8 in Temple.

Temple, Texas is home to one of the biggest Buc-ee's, and just turned 8 years old.

Texas Family Went to EVERY Buc-ee's in Texas

We have all thought about doing it. Stopping at every Buc-ee's while on a road trip, but this family did it over Spring Break and shared the photos with the world. Check them out below.

20 Of My Favorite Things At Buc-ee's!

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