Check out this billboard on northbound I-35 off of 6th Street in Temple while you can!

Dorenda Thomas is hoping the positive message will help fellow Texans feel the love after she was inspired at a meditation retreat when she heard the story about a project called "Love on Every Billboard". is a company encouraging people all over American to spread the one-word message on billboards in their own communities. Dorenda's board on the northbound side of Interstate 35 off Sixth Street is the 71st Love on Every Billboard to go up in the United States. They even have boards in Russia, Ukraine, and Canada according to

People have been taking a liking to the campaign as it spreads a positive message and at the same time, it doesn't try to sell anyone anything. Imagine that. That's one of the reason's Thomas became a fan. She used her own money to post the billboard in Temple and says it's just about making a difference in the lives of Texans who will pass by it.

The board was scheduled to come down yesterday (6/17) but if the space remains un-rented then it may be up a bit longer.

To find out more about adding a billboard in your town you can visit the Love on Every Billboard website.

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