Aspiring singer Tenna Torres sang the Faith Hill song 'Lost' on 'American Idol' on Tuesday night (March 5), earning a mixed reaction from the judges.

Torres admitted she was a bit nervous after last week, when Nicki Minaj took her to task over her hairstyle. She performed Hill's song in a very strong rendition that showcased the power of her voice, both in her lower register and her upper range.

Keith Urban praised her song choice, but cautioned her not to let the presence of the cameras rattle her and throw off her performance.

Minaj said she liked Torres' hair this week, and also commented somewhat unusually on her breasts. She also commended her professionalism, while Randy Jackson liked her restraint.

Mariah Carey praised a "great song choice," noting Torres' consistency and the richness and fullness of her voice.

Watch Tenna Torres Sing 'Lost' on 'American Idol'