Last night Texan and 2010's Texas Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year David Fenley wow'ed the judging panel of America's Got Talent and earned himself a standing ovation for his acoustic performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close".

Dave's voice and songwriting has been wow'ing the Texas/Red Dirt music scene for years and it was exciting to see Twitter and Facebook buzzing all about his performance last night with so many of his family, friends and fans congratulating him and praising his talents. It is great to see such a sweet guy's hard work and determination be rewarded.

You can follow David on his newly launched Twitter account HERE and/or his Facebook account HERE.

Congratulations to Dave...great job and good luck in Vegas!

Also...did y'all see Austin's own Rankin Twins sitting in the audition room too???

I had my people call their people and I can confirm that was indeed the Rankin Twins...but let's just say their audition didn't go as well as David's did and leave it at that. (At least until I can get a full on detailed description of the adventure!  I have tons of questions!)