Ahh the world of Reddit. No question goes unanswered. Recently a user posted "What do I do with the tortillas"?

This question was from a Reddit user who just moved to Texas. This person admits they know very little about Tex-Mex, and asked what you're supposed to do with the extra tortillas you don't use after a meal. More specifically this Reddit user asked, "are there rules?"

Let me start by asking, "How do you have extra tortillas left after your meal!?"

Well the residents of Texas responded with a resounding "No rules, just right" answer and several suggestions for what to do with all those left over tortillas. Here's a look at the suggestions!

Texas sub Reddit VAJiao


Indigoanasasazi says "There are no rules. This is Texas. Nobody is going to slap a fork or tortilla out of your hand because you held it in correctly."


Hodyoaten says, "It's probably easier to answer what can't you do with tortillas. About all I can think of is using it to eat Fruity Pebbles."


Tayremorg says, "Add to your list: save some hot flour tortillas for after your meal and drizzle them with honey."


NecessitoWhizar says, "The old joke is you put 'em on your antenna and drive north. When people start asking what it is you know you've gone too far."


Sniffing_accountant says, "I like to tear off a piece and scrape up some beans with it. Or if I'm eating enchiladas I'll take a tortilla and line it beans, rice, and a chunk of enchilada and make a enchilada taco."


What do you do with your extra tortillas? We'd love to know!