The Texas Agriculture Commissioner is on a role social media-wise. Late Tuesday night, Commissioner Sid Miller's Facebook page had a post denouncing President Barack Obama for being in Cuba rather than meeting with European leaders to discuss a response to the recent terror attacks in Brussels. The post also included a photo of Obama holding a shirt of Maxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Sid Miller via Facebook

President Obama refuses to return to the United States in order to meet with European leaders to discuss a response to today's terror attacks in Brussels--attacks that severely injured a number of Americans. Instead, he remains in Cuba holding a shirt depicting the image of Che Guevara--one of the most reviled terrorists of the modern age--a murdering thug who was responsible for thousands of innocent deaths. President Obama is laughing at us. He understands the symbolism of this picture and yet he doesn't care. I believe his actions are disgraceful. Do you agree?

Photo courtesy of MIT

While Obama's visit to Cuba is true, this photo is doctored. The comments within the post are a blend between supporters and opposition - exactly what you'd come to expect from the Internet.

The original, unaltered photo was taken at MIT in 2009 when he toured the research facility at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

Sid Miller's office has yet to respond to the commenters who pointed out that the photo is a hoax and they have yet to reply to phone calls or emails from the Houston Chronicle.

Say what you will about politics, but using a fake photo is below the belt.