A new report from Forbes Magazine adds fuel to the Texas vs Texas A&M debate over who's the more 'valuable' team.

KWTX News 10 shared the story this week that shows Texas A&M as the most valuable football program in America! For years the tile went to Texas, but the report now shows over the three years (not counting last season) that Texas A&M averaged a total revenue of $148 Million. Over that same period, the University of Texas generated $133 Million. A distant second place to A&M.

Texas A&M has seen strong alumni contributions and serious ticket sales since their move to the SEC in 2012. The 2014 renovations to Kyle Field ($485 Million) have also been well received by faithful fans.

Texas is represented three times in the Top 25 Most Valuable College Football Teams. The SEC's Texas A&M is ranked #1 with a profit of $107 Million and a revenue of $148 Million. The Big 12's Longhorns are generating a profit of $87 Million with $133 Million in revenue, and rounding out the Top 25 is Texas Tech! The Red Raiders have generated $60 Million in revenue with a profit of $31 Million according to the Forbes list.

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