Calling all foodies and true barbeque lovers! This is the dish you'll definitely want to add to your barbeque road trip!

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Out in Mission, Texas is Smoke Crafters where they have created something so tasty looking, but yet so simple, that you'll think to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?!"

It's called the "sausage sundae" and it looks absolutely delicious!

Is your mouth watering? Because mine is!

This savory sundae, where you get two meats and two sides, consists of: a link of Smoke Crafter's house-made jalapeno cheddar sausage, 1/3 lb. of pulled pork carnitas, potato salad, and mac & cheese, Served with their special pickled red onions and creamy salsa verde.


Of course, it is all drenched in barbeque sauce; and it's in the style of sundae; I mean, to me it looks more like a "split" but they created this they can call it whatever they want! They also note that if you add their beef fat flour tortillas, you'll be all set! Side note: "beef fat" flour tortillas is something I'm going to have look up because that also sounds amazing!

The sausage sundae will cost you $16.99, if you add brisket it'll cost you an extra $1.99. You can order it at Smoke Crafter's food truck in Mission, Texas located on Hwy 107 between Taylor and Shary Rd. You can check out the rest of their menu here.

As for us in the Sun City, this is a call to our favorites to come up with something like this- I'm looking at you State Line, Desert Oak, Rib Hut, Rolling Smoke and Tony Pit!

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