Texas is blessed to have so many geographical regions that add to the incredible landscape and setting for great places to live. Salado is definitely one of those cities that immediately comes to mind when you think of all the beauty that is Texas.

To make the list of most beautiful, you need great history, architecture, and God smiling upon you with natural beauty certainly doesn't hurt. MoneyInc.com compiled a lot of those data points, and helped us to formulate the 10 most beautiful places to live in Texas.

Where does Salado rank among the 10?

Definitely do not want to spoil the surprise, but would you believe it made the top 5? You'll have to take the tour to see exactly where Salado finished, but you'll also get to learn the other 9 amazing places at the same time.

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So, here you go, the top 10. How many have you been to? What city do you think needs to be added?

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