There is an amazing young man growing up in Mckinney, Texas, and his name is Bishop Curry.

Bishop Curry Jr loves to tinker with things to see exactly how they work. His childhood has been full of time spent taking household items apart to see how they work. Bishop heard a story on the news of a child in his community who passed away inside a hot car. He went straight to work trying to figure out a way to prevent that.

Bishop came up with an invention he calls "Oasis". This device not only can notify a parents cell phone, it also creates life saving cool air inside a vehicle. When he showed his invention to his father, Biship Curry Sr. wondered why this kind of invention wasn't already something automotive companies had thought of.

Bishop's father works for Toyota. The company was so impressed by the youngsters idea that they sent Bishop and his father to Michigan for a safety conference.

The McKinney community has donated more than $30,000 to Bishop's Go Fund Me to help him get a patent on the device. You can help him by linking over here. 

What an amazing kid. What great parenting! Help spread the word about this young Texas boy making his state proud with his devotion to others. He's a great example for all kids to know about.

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