America's Farmers might understand hard times better than most. Leave it to one Texas community to give us all a reason to smile today as they came together to help one of their own.

Colin Klattenhof owns a farm in Miles, Texas and found 2016 to be a very hard year for himself and his family. The community of fellow farmers all came together to give him a much needed helping hand.

The weather made it a tough year for harvest a good crop, and Klattenhof suffers from Crohn's disease and underwent two surgeries over the past year according to So, while Colin recovered from his surgery, over 70 area neighbors, cotton strippers, and all kinds of help showed up to bring in his crops.

It's the kind of community we should take note of during a time when a lot of people want and need good news here at home. Here's a community who comes together regardless of the divisiveness in the news to donate time, food, equipment, and money to help their neighbor just because it's the right thing to do. All they ask in return is that Collin help them the same way if they ever find themselves in need the way he did.

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