Let's all be real here. Whether you live in Texas or some other place (why, even?), you're going to need a stable income to carve out some happiness and comfort. The old saying "money can't buy happiness" is just bull.

But as we've all seen lately, prices of essential seem to just keep rising and rising, don't they? So for some of us, the stress of cost of living is very real. So the question becomes this:

How Much Money Is Required To Keep One Happy In Texas?

Ok, let's get the obvious answer out of the way: unlimited. But unless you have a money tree, a genie, the patent on Pokémon, or a trust fund, that's not possible. So there is indeed a set amount that will keep someone happy.

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But it's not one wallet size that fits all, so to speak. Different areas of the country require different amounts of money to attain the coveted happiness. So let's take a look at amount required right here in the Lone Star State.

The Amount Of Money That Will Result In Happiness In Texas

GoBankingRates has the answer we're looking for. One of the positives here in Texas, according to the data collected, is that the cost of living in the state is actually lower than national average. In fact, it sits at 10% below the national average.

So on to the real question: how much to be happy here in Texas?

Well, to at least feel emotionally well, GoBankingRates says $55,260 will help keep you mentally alright.

The amount to make you most happy, though? The least you should be making per year is $96,705.

So it looks like we've all got some work to do...

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