Texas is home to some of the most traveled roads in America. Because of that, Texas Highways, Freeways and Interstates also rank among the deadliest.

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Chances are you drive on one of these roads all the time.

Deadly Texas Roads

According to Motor Biscuit, 2 of the top 5 deadliest roads in Texas are I-20 and I-35.

Driving on these roads can be very dangerous and even deadly. Yahoo News reports that I-20 is the second deadliest in the U.S. with an average number of fatalities of 208, or 13.52 deaths per 100 miles.

I-20 runs through six states including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, so those numbers include the full span of I-20. However, the Dallas area does see a large part of those fatalities.


According to the report, I-35 is fifth on the list. Most of the 197 deaths that occur annually along I-35, which runs from Laredo, TX to Duluth, MN, happen in Texas.

Because it runs through several of the country's most populated cities, like San Antonio Dallas, and Austin, the annual death rate is pretty high. I-35 sees 12.56 deaths per 100 miles.

Worst of the Rest

As for the rest of the top 5, I-75 from the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan to Miami, FL finished as the fourth deadliest road with 237 deaths each year. I-5 running along the California coastline from Mexico to Canada was third with 186 deaths annually and in as the deadliest was 1-95 from Maine at the Canadian border to Miami, FL. I-95 claims 284 lives per year on average.


The Texas Department of Transportation says about 10 people die as a result of traffic accidents each day in the State of Texas. Texas Transportation Commissioner Laura Ryan says, “We all have the power to end the streak of daily deaths on Texas roadways.” Slowing down is one way to start.

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